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Book cover Studies in Religion and Education

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780367146009

Published: 2020

Studies in Religion and Education

John M. Hull

First published in 1984. John M. Hull was a leading figure in the controversies which had surrounded religious education since the late 1960s. This book brings together in one volume 21 of his published papers and articles, which had previously appeared in journals, conferences, reports and books in Belgium, Australia, Canada, the United States, as well as the United Kingdom.  


Essential reading for all teachers, clergy, parents and students seriously concerned with the issues confronting religious education and Christian upbringing in our secular and pluralist world.

New Directions in Religious Education

Edited by John M. Hull

First published in 1982. This book brings together some of the most influential articles which had moulded British religious education. The articles are divided into specialised sections dealing with various aspects of the subject so that the main developments are clearly indicated.

The first section of the book deals with research into the religious psychology of childhood. This is followed by two collections of articles dealing with the search for a philosophy of religious education and with the problems created for the teaching of religion in Britain by our pluralist society. The fourth section deals with the problems of designing a curriculum in religious education, while the final part gives some examples of methods in the teaching of religion. The book thus provides, both the general reader, the student teacher and the specialist religious education teacher, an easily accessible collection of many of the materials which had created British religious education.

Book Cover New Directions in religous education

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780367145934

Published: 2020

Book cover what prevents christian adults from learning

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 978-0334017844

Published: 2012

What Prevents Christian Adults From Learning? 

John M. Hull

Many adults in the churches find learning difficult. They may not be able to understand, for example, how the church has developed through history and in a time of rapid social change will continue to develop in many ways. They may find intellectual formulations of belief difficult to comprehend, attitudes ― like those who argue that the church must be involved in politics ― difficult to accept, and patterns of behaviour difficult to adopt. Evidence of this is the way in which after more than two centuries, some of the most basic assumptions of modern theology are alien to the average congregation.


Adults who find learning difficult may be parents, who ought to be able to teach children; they may be clergy and teachers, who ought to be helping to remedy the situation. They are often criticised; they also need to be understood. This book is for them. What John Hull has written is a study in practical theology but it adopts an inter-disciplinary approach, drawing on sociology, social psychology and psychology, as well as theology. It considers the nature of Christian education; the problems of education in what is inevitably an ideological community; the deep-seated human need to be right and the pain of learning; and the way in which faith must evolve along with the self. There is no other book quite like it, and it represents a most important breakthrough relevant not only in church and school, but also in a wider social context.

Book cover Sense and Nonsense about God

Publisher: SCM-Canterbury Press Ltd

ISBN: 9780334014904

Published: 1974

Sense and Nonsense about God

John M. Hull

This little book is a study guide for older secondary and college students on the philosophy of religion. A second edition of this book was published in August of 1998 by the Scottish Consultative Council of the Curriculum, Scottish Higher Still/Support Material: RMPS Language, for the benefit of students studying philosophy of religion.

School Worship

An Obituary

John M. Hull

The 1944 Education Act (England and Wales) required schools to begin each day with an act of collective worship. This book discusses the philosophy and practice of school worship, and argues that it should be replaced by an assembly devoted to the spiritual and moral development of the school. 

Book cover School Worship An Obituary

Publisher: SCM-Canterbury Press

ISBN: 0334014603

Published: 1975

Book cover The act unpacked. The meaning of the 1988 Education reform act.

Publisher: CEM

ISBN: 978-1851000609

Published: 1989

The Act Unpacked

The Meaning of the 1988 Education Reform Act for Religious Education

John M. Hull

When the Education Reform Act, dealing with England and Wales, was passed by Parliament in 1988 a waive of publicity greeted the religious education clauses of the new Act as requiring a preponderance of teaching Christianity at the expense of the broader world religions approach. However, the text of the Act itself does not support this narrow Christianising interpretation. The Act Unpacked drew attention to the broader more liberal interpretation of the legislation.

God-talk with Young Children

Notes for parents & teachers

John M. Hull

This little book sets out 33 conversations with young children, mostly about God. The conversations are interpreted and suggestions are made about the art of theological conversation with children.

Book cover God talk with young children

Publisher: CIPG

ISBN: 978-1563380280

Published: 1991

Book Cover A gift to the child

Publisher: Nelson Thornes Ltd

ISBN: 978-0750101288

Published: 1991

A Gift to the Child

Teacher's Source Book

Religious Education in the Primary School

Michael Grimmitt, Julia Grove, John Hull, Louise Spencer

Part of a primary-school programme of written, visual and audio resources for religious education, this teacher's book contains 28 lesson plans covering seven topics (including colourful examples of childen's work), background information, suggestions for activities, and cross-curricular links.


Religious Education in Multi-Cultural Britain.  A Study in Metaphor

John M. Hull

The word ‘mishmash’ is frequently used in discussion about religious education in a multi-cultural community. John Hull takes the term seriously, examines its implications with hilarity, as well as intellectual seriousness, and emphasises the inclusiveness of the Spirit of Christ, which offers vision and informed encouragement to educators. The pamphlet is a shrewd blow for freedom and for joy. Various disciplines are brought together on the issue in a delicious manner, so as to make mincemeat of mishmash.

Book cover Mishmash. R.E in multicultural Britain

Publisher: CEM

ISBN: 978-1851000432

Published: 1992

Lecture Cover sheet 1994. The holy trinity and christian education in a pluralist world.

National Society RE Centre

Annual Lecture 1994

The Holy Trinity and Christian Education in a Pluralist World

John M. Hull

Education for peace and reconciliation should occupy a central position in the world mission of the church. Christian commitment itself, however, can sometimes prevent greater understanding between religions. This takes place particularly when Christian identity is supported by negative images of other religions. This phenomenon is widespread in religion, and I have suggested elsewhere that we should call it 'religionism'. We should be seeking to develop a form of religious education which will set people free from religionism, or which will help prevent them from becoming religionist in their outlook. Modelled upon anti-racist and anti-sexist education, such anti-religionist education would be one of the liberating forms appropriate to religious education today, and Christian faith should take an active part in this enterprise.

Utopian Whispers: Moral, Religious and Spiritual Values in School

John M. Hull

Religious education remains a whisper in the sense that this is not an influential national institution, like the banks. When I read the unsolicited letters which come from banks in their thousands every week, inviting us to put our hopes in money and stirring up our greed and selfishness, and when I contrast this with the national statement on values published by the then School Curriculum and Assessment Authority (SCAA) in May 1997, the difference is striking. How can Britain assume its moral leadership amongst the nations if major institutions like banks which shape the lives and assumptions of millions of men, women and children make no attempt to incorporate the moral and spiritual values which lie at the heart of education?

Religious education is a utopian whisper into the ear of Britain. This book is presented in the utopian hope that it will make some small contribution to that whisper becoming a voice.

Book cover. Utopian Whispers: Moral, religious and spiritual values in school

Publisher: Religious & Moral  Education Press

ISBN: 9781851751570

Published: 1988

book cover. Education, religion and society

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 978-0415649179

Published: 2012

Studies in Religious Education

Edited by  Dennis Bates, Gloria Durka and Friedrich Scweitzer

Education, Religion and Society celebrates the career of Professor John Hull, a leading figure in the transformation of religious education in English and Welsh schools, and co-founder of the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values. He has also made major contributions to the theology of disability and the theological critique of the 'money culture'.

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